October 1st, 2023


We change the direction we run the race every year.

Even years : Clockwise
Uneven years : Couterclockwise

This race is a good start to enter the exiting world of trail ultra-running. That does not mean this course is easy!!!! This course is not very technical, but features some rocks and roots ( this is not a rails to trails type of trail). Experienced trailrunners can run the entire course but it might be a little intimidating for a road runner ( train on trails!!!). Total elevation is a little over 3000ft, which is by no means flat, but quite fair for a 50k. Our aidstation are usually located within 4 miles of each other, very well staffed and stocked and considered the best in the world of trail ultra running. If you come from a road marathon background, you have the necessary fitness to endure this race, but you might be caught off guard by the fact that this takes much longer (it's not just 26.2 plus 5 extra miles), takes more energy and concentration ( hills, uneven footing, natural obstacles) and you need to be more selfsufficient ( carry at least 16oz of fluid with you at all times) because aidstations are spaced 4 miles apart. This is a fair challenge that can be tackled by most if you put in the necessary time.

Clockwise course description.

Start/Finish: Day Use Pavilion at Blue Marsh Lake
M0 - M0.3: Paved park road
M0.3 - M1: Single track with 100 ft climb
M1 - M2.5: Downhill, mix of single track and double track
M2.5 - M4.5: Flat or minor hills, mix of single track and wider gravel sections
M4.5 - 17: Mostly single track. Entire section is rolling and features many hills. Most of them are less then 100 of elevation. By itself non of these hills are a major challenge but because there are so many of them it will be quite a challenge especially if you do not pace yourself.
M17- M21: Mix of single track, wider gravel trails and open fields. Multible smaller steep but short climbs.
M21- M22: Big hill. 300 ft of elevation. Skislope Hill.
M22-M26.5: Mostly flat and fast single track.
M26.5 - M31: All single track, rolling hills. Last 0.3 paved to the finish


Start/Finish & REGISTRATION is located at the Day Use pavillion at Blue Marsh Lake. Approx. address of the park entry is at : 1420 Palisades Drive, Leesport, PA


Miles (cw): 4 , 8, 13, 17.5, 21, 24.5, 27.5
Miles (ccw): 3.5,6.5, 10, 13.5, 18, 23, 27

Not your typical Aidstaions

We do more than just hydrating you at our aidstations. We support you in any way possible. We make sure you stay healthy and feel good (that might be a stretch around mile 20). We do that by having a wide variety of snacks, fluids and supplements. Our aidstations are staffed by (ultra)runners, so they know what you are going through and what your needs are. However, we also like to have a little fun in the process, that's why we usually have some themed aidstations.

Aidstations are stocked with:

Each Aidstion has it's own specialty item (Mini burger, grilled cheese, perogis, grilled bacon) plus PBJ Sandwiches, Gels, Bananas, Oranges, M&M's, Chocolate Chip, cookies, Oreos, Cooked potatoes, Potatoe chips, Crackers Pretzels, Grapes, Nuts, Sportsdrinks, Water, Soda, IBUPROFEN, Sodium tablets

Aidstation #1 & # 7 (Return of the Blues Brothers)

Aidstation # 3 (Oktoberfest)

When temps climb into the eighties and you were already running for hours, you start thinking "Is this a dream, or do I see a bavarian waitress at the aidstation" . You just met Heidi, and she can serve you all kind of things.

Aidstation # 4 (Margarithaville)

This is by far the most cheerful aidstation. The girls always decorate it so nicely, and are always very enthustiastic. The decor has definetely a mexican flair, but is this the only reason they call it Margarithaville?

Aidstation # 5 (Ratsnest)

This aidstation is manned by the hardcore ultra runners of the Pagoda Pacers. If you start feeling TIRED after 19 Miles, you may lament about it to 100 Mile Al, who does more 100 Mile races a year than others do 5Ks.

Aidstation # 2 (Fugawis)

The name of this aidstation is inspired by an old indian tribe, the Fugawis. This aidstation is so remote you may ask yourself like a group of lost settlers did who named this tribe way back: " Where the F$^# are we? At this point you ran 8 miles and you are in the middle of nowhere, there is no way they will let you stop, drop or catch a ride. You are here to finish an Ultra!!! So what do you need? Have some salt! Stop complaining and start running :-)